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The 2015 R.L. Mathewson Chronicles Collection, Page 1

R. L. Mathewson

  The 2015 Collection of the R.L. Mathewson Chronicles


  R.L. Mathewson

  A Smashword’s Edition

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  The R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collections

  The 2014 Collection of the R.L. Mathewson Chronicles

  This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations and events described in this novel are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

  Edited by R.L. Mathewson and Necie Navone

  Cover designed by Rochelle McGrath

  The 2015 R.L. Mathewson Chronicle Collection © Rerum Industries, Inc. 2015. All rights Reserved.

  e-book ISBN: 9781310128226

  This book like every book that I have ever written or will ever write is dedicated to my children, Kayley and Shane, who have been with me through this journey from day one.


  Thank you for purchasing this book.

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  Table of Content

  New Year’s Eve

  Cafeteria Wars

  What Happens at a Buffet

  What Really Happened


  A Valentine’s Day Special

  A Bradford Princess

  A Very Bradford Easter

  A Mother’s Day Special

  Pyte Halloween

  Trick or Treat

  Sneak Peek at Christmas from Hell

  About the Author

  New Year’s Eve 2014……..

  “We’re playing pretty Disney princesses and that’s final!” his normally sane father-in-law snapped at Bryce as the other man continued to sit there, pouting.

  “I called dibs on the Ariel tiara,” Bryce grumbled as he adjusted his Disney princess teacup on the small saucer in front of him.

  “My baby girl wanted it!” his father-in-law snapped seconds before he turned to face Connor’s little girl and smiled as he picked up his teacup, pinky finger up of course, and proceeded to take a small, dainty sip of his pretend tea, making Kylie giggle around a mouthful of her tiara.

  “I called it first,” Bryce mumbled pathetically as he continued to sit there pouting, making Connor wonder, not for the first time, how such a small female had managed to bring the James men to their knees.

  “Can I go with you and mommy on your date?” his son Dustin asked as he looked up from the princess tea set his grandfather had set down in front of him.

  “No, buddy, I’m sorry,” he said, leaning down to press a kiss against his small son’s head, noting the scent of the boo-berries shampoo that Rory had used in his hair.

  “But I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of girls,” Dustin announced, forcing him to bite back a laugh.

  “We’re not girls!” Bryce snapped even as he reached up and adjusted the tiara on his head.

  Dustin squished up his face in disgust as he faced his uncle. “Yes, you are! You’re a big girl!”

  “We’re playing princess for your sister, because that’s what she wanted to play,” his father-in-law explained with a haughty sniff that had Connor rolling his eyes.

  “She can’t even talk yet!” Dustin pointed out as he gestured towards his baby sister, who was barely six months old.

  “She wanted to play princesses!”

  “No, she didn’t!” Dustin argued, glaring at his grandfather.

  “Yes, she did!”

  “Did not!”

  “Did too!”

  “I should have got that tiara since I called it first,” Bryce mumbled, sending a pout to his niece as she continued to gum the tiara.

  Deciding that it was probably for the best if he left now before things turned ugly, he pressed one last kiss to his son’s head, who was too busy to notice since he was still calling Bryce a big girl before he gave his giggling baby girl a big kiss on one of her rosy cheeks and headed for the door. He was going to have to make this up to his son tomorrow, he decided as he closed the door behind him.

  “Stop calling me Auntie Bryce!” he heard his brother-in-law whine just as the door clicked shut behind him, making him chuckle.

  Definitely going to have to have some guy time with his little guy tomorrow, he decided, chuckling as he headed towards his SUV. Twenty minutes later, and one stop off at the pharmacy, and he was pulling into his driveway. He grabbed the bouquet of white roses and the small box of chocolate truffles that he’d bought for his wife and headed for the front door, only pausing long enough to glare at Rory’s dog, Bunny.

  “Little bastard,” he bit out, glaring down at the large dog.

  Bunny stopped mid-pee just to glare at him.

  For a minute, he stood there, glaring at the little bastard that had interrupted the late Christmas gift that Rory had been giving him this morning….in the kitchen…..on her knees and promised himself that the next time the little bastard pulled that shit that he was going go to the vet’s office for a little snip.

  “Would you stop glaring at my baby boy?” Rory asked on an exasperated sigh, drawing his attention away from the little bastard growling at him and-

  “Oh, shit…..,” he said, locking his knees when he felt them threaten to give out as he ran his eyes over his wife.

  “Does it look okay?” Rory asked, worrying her bottom lip as she reached down and ran her hands over the tight-fitting baby pink cocktail dress that showed off every delectable curve of her body to perfection including the large swell of her belly where their baby was growing.

  “It looks fine,” he said, sighing heavily as he sent the dress an apology in advance, because he knew that it wasn’t going to survive the night, at least not in one piece.


  “You’re banned,” John said, folding his arms over his chest as he blocked the entrance.

  “What the hell are you talking about?” Connor demanded even as he continued to caress his thumb across the back of her hand. “The ban was lifted years ago!”

  “This is a new ban.”

  “For what?” Connor demanded before she could.

  They hadn’t done anything to earn a ban in years. They’d stopped fighting and causing scenes in public when they’d started dating. There was absolutely no reason for them to get-

  “Last month, you had sex in the bathroom,” John reminded them with a murderous glare.

  She opened her mouth to try to deny it, but he cut her off, making her wonder if Connor would consider moving out of state tomorrow.

  “You were loud. Really loud,” he stressed when Connor opened his mouth to argue. “I had to stop more than half the customers from calling the cops, because they thought that
you were killing her.”

  “Oh,” Connor said, clearing his throat and clearly biting back a smile, “I see.”

  “Good,” John said, sending them one last glare before he turned and walked back into the restaurant, leaving them standing there while she tried to figure out a good way to break it to her father and brothers that they were leaving the state and never coming back.

  “Well,” Connor said after a minute of standing there as she tried to process what had just happened, “then it’s probably a safe bet to assume that we’re banned from half the restaurants in town.”

  And damn if he didn’t sound proud.

  “Oh, God,” she said, releasing his hand so that she could cover her face as the full impact of what John said hit her.

  Everyone in town probably knew…….including her father and brothers….. that she was a big slut that couldn’t say no to her husband.

  “Oh……..God……,” she mumbled pathetically as she felt Connor wrap his arm around her shoulders.

  “Why don’t we go home and see if we can salvage this night?” he suggested, sounding extremely smug.


  “No, I want a divorce,” she mumbled as she allowed him to steer her across the crowded parking lot towards their car.

  He chuckled. “This will blow over.”

  She dropped her hands to her sides so that she could glare up at her husband. “Until the next time that you convince me that it’s a good idea to give you a blow job under the table?” she snapped, her hand twitching when the bastard had the balls to grin.

  “In my defense, it doesn’t take much,” he said, chuckling when she playfully hit his shoulder and tried to glare at him, but he destroyed every last ounce of anger with an over-the-top eye wiggle, making her laugh.

  “You bastard,” she said with a mock glare that earned her a wink.

  “Does that mean that you’re not up to giving me one tonight?” he asked teasingly as he took her hand back in his as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers.

  “I was thinking about it,” she murmured back against his lips, smiling when he growled.

  “Little tease,” he groaned against her lips before he moved to step away, but she didn’t let him get very far before she wrapped one arm around his shoulders and kissed him.

  “Who said that I was teasing?” she asked, smiling as she reached down between them and lightly gripped him through his pants, not at all surprised to find him hard.

  He groaned against her mouth seconds before he deepened the kiss and pulled her around their SUV and out of sight, making her laugh.

  “I can’t,” she said even as she continued to rub him through his pants.

  “You can,” he said, kissing his way down to her throat as she opened her eyes and quickly looked around, noting that they were parked in the darkest part of the parking lot and hidden behind their car. She gave his shaft a hard squeeze, moaning when his large hand cupped her breast through her dress and sighed, deciding that one last moment of fun before they fled the state was okay since the woods bordering the parking lot was blocking their view of the street.

  “We’ll get arrested,” she pointed out on a breathy moan as she slowly pulled his zipper down.

  “No one will see,” he murmured as he pulled her dress down just enough to expose her breast to his greedy hand.

  “That’s what you said last week at the movie theater,” she said on a groan, idly wondering if they were banned from there as well until she remembered that they were fleeing town in the morning and then she simply shrugged it off.

  “I was just helping you in the car,” he explained innocently.

  “Helping me in the car?” she said, her lips twitching with amusement as she remembered just how he’d been helping her get in the car.

  “Mhmmm,” he murmured in agreement as he fondled her breast. “It’s not my fault if the best way to help my pregnant wife back in the car is by dropping to my knees and-”

  “Maybe we should go home,” she suggested, cutting him off even as she reached inside his pants and wrapped her hand around him since she really wasn’t in the mood to spend another New Year’s Eve behind bars, especially not while she was seven months pregnant.

  “Will you be able to wait?” he asked, knowing her so well.

  “No,” she admitted with a sigh, because they both knew that her hormones wouldn’t allow her to wait the ten minutes that it would take to drive home before she had him. “I can’t wait.”

  He chuckled as he moved his hand over her ass and gave it a squeeze. “Neither can I.”

  “Then maybe we should-”

  “Oh, my God! Are you fucking kidding me?” John suddenly demanded, making her rethink her decision to wait until tomorrow to flee the state.

  The Cafeteria War

  The Cafeteria War

  Part I


  Johnny sighed heavily as he reached over and took the piece of paper from his mother. “This isn’t necessary,” he said, glancing over the five-page document.

  “It’s very necessary,” his father said, holding out a pen. “Sign it.”

  Sebastian reached over and took the paper out of his hand and looked down at it. “You know that they can’t legally enforce any of this, don’t you?” Sebastian asked with a sigh.

  “Sign. It,” their father stressed, glaring down at them. “We’ve waited five months for them to let you back in school and you’re going.”

  “It’s a form of discrimination,” he felt obligated to point out, but judging by the way that his father shifted that glare right back on him, the man simply didn’t care.

  “They won’t let you attend school until you both sign it,” their mother said as she frowned down at the weird blue blob things in the pan.

  For a moment, he considered asking her what she was cooking, but decided against it since it would only give him nightmares. Instead, he held the document between him and his brother and struggled not to laugh at the list of rules that the School Department and City Council had come up with for them. A lot of the rules were pretty stupid, but a few of them actually sounded like fun. He made a mental note of the ones that they were going to have to try later and reluctantly signed the document. After a slight hesitation, Sebastian took the pen from him and signed it as well.

  “Can we go now?” he asked, handing the document back to his father.

  “Don’t you want breakfast?” Mom asked, holding up a plate stacked high with whatever that blue stuff was, looking hopeful.

  “No, umm, that’s okay, Mom. We’re not that hungry,” Sebastian said, shooting him a nervous glance.

  “But, it’s your first day of middle school. It’s a big day,” Mom said, worrying her bottom lip as she glanced back down at the plate of-

  Did that blue stuff just move?

  Swallowing nervously, he shot his father a look to find him standing there, staring down at the plate and looking terrified. “The boys are probably too excited to eat,” his father said, swallowing nervously as he gestured for them to grab their bags and go.

  Mom sighed heavily. “You’re probably right.”

  “They’ll be fine,” Dad promised as he leaned down and quickly kissed Mom while they grabbed their bags and backed up towards the back door, trying not to make any sudden movements that would draw their mother’s attention.

  Before she could do something like offer to pack the blue stuff in their lunch bags, they turned around and made a run for it and they didn’t stop running until they were safely in the backseat of their father’s SUV. When their father walked out of the house a few minutes later, carrying a brown paper bag that was slowly turning blue, they realized that their father hadn’t been so lucky.

  “I think we have just enough time to stop for donuts before we meet with your new principal,” Dad said as he leaned over and grabbed one of the trash bags that he kept hidden beneath the passenger seat and dumped the terrifying bag inside.